The Desire Code

7 Keys to fulfill your wishes

for success, wealth and happiness



How do sportsmen and women, business leaders – and children – all manage to get what they want?


THE DESIRE CODE – 7 Keys to fulfill your wishes for success, wealth and happiness reveals proven techniques that combine science and psychology to enable you to have all that you want – a new car, a big house, the love of your life or almost anything else.

Have you ever wondered why some people have all the luck? Everything they want seems to find them – from a free parking space to the love of their life.

The good news is that there are methods to make these things happen for you, too.

Success, wealth and happiness for all

THE DESIRE CODE shows you how to create a happier, more satisfying life by mastering the power of creative thinking.

Develop powerful thinking that can help bring things that you truly, deeply want into your life.





Pierre Franckh, international author and speaker


“I want to empower you and show you how you can achieve more in your life – whether it’s in your relationship, your job, with your family, with your money, in whatever part of your life.

The rules in the book are simple, easy to read, easy to apply in your everyday life – and they can change everything! They certainly changed my life.”

Pierre Franckh is the author of 5 international bestsellers that have been published in 11 countries.

His complete publishing record includes 22 books, with sales of more than 3 million: books, CDs, DVDs and calendars, placing him among the most successful German authors (more than 60 titles).

Four of his books were at the top of the bestsellers’ list, ‘Focus’, at the same time for weeks.

Pierre gives lectures and seminars around the world to sold-out houses.

As a coach, he has worked in finance and business, as well as instructing for many physicians, kinesiologists and doctors. Through Pierre’s work, countless people have changed their lives.

Together with his wife, Michaela Merten, he founded Happiness House, an internet-based online community for personal development and online teachings.

You can find every single possible detail you ever want to know at

Or click/tap here to visit Pierre’s Facebook page.











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